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A husband uses his wife for his sexual fantasies / The sexual fantasies of the husband frighten his new wife and force her to seek advice from Carmilla. Carmilla seduces a girl, forcing her to go to strange deeds.

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Cody – I’m excited about going back to school. My parents and I went shopping for the clothes the other day. And that makes me look cool at the first day at school. We bought notebooks, pens, pencils and calculator. Shopping was an exciting adventures that helped me prepared for school.

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Now discuss your answers with other students. Теперь обсудите ваши ответы с другими студентами.
Example: A: For me, maths is more difficult than history. Для меня математика сложнее, чем история.
B: Yes, and maths isn’t as interesting as history. Да, и математика не так интересна, как история.

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Selection of a woman for the emperor / A film about a cruel emperor who was a pervert and a murderer. Scenes: - On a shore of a sea emperor take by force a beautiful girl forcing her bridegroom to watch the process. - The eunuch choose girls for emperor sex entertainment. He checking their naked bodies. Also girls show what they are capable in sex.

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Brutally assault on orphan girl / After the death of the father and mother, the brother and sister are absolutely alone. Life in the mountains is not easy, especially when three armed men burst into the house and take the girl by force.

The closed doors of the suburbs open wide to show you the nasty anal desires of bored housewives who take their deliveries in the rear! From pretty newlyweds to mature vixens, they all share one common desire hot injections of sperm up into their warm anus cavities while their bodies shiver with orgasmic delight! The repairman, their husband, the neighbor, they really don’t care, as you will see here in this hand picked collection of vintage films!

Безжалостное унижение и принуждение двух проституток / Джек пишет книгу о жизни проституток. Он встречается с женщинами, чтобы сделать книгу максимально приближенную к реальной жизни их профкссии. Однажды одна из проституток попадает к

История о наркодилере и его сестре стриптизерши / Родители Оскара и Линды погибли в автокатастрофе, после их смерти у них нет никого ближе друг-друга. / После смерти Оскара от пули полицейского его душа наблюдает за сестрой и друзьями.

Ex. 65 Many Russian rulers are known by their nicknames. Find the information about the origin and the meaning of these nicknames and get ready to speak about one of them. Многие российские правители известны своими прозвищами. Найдите информацию о происхождении и значение этих прозвищ и будьте готовы говорить об одном из них. 
Ivan Kalita Иван Калита
Yury Dolgoruky Юрий Долгорукий
Ivan the Terrible Иван Грозный

A homeless girl suffering from drunkard / A homeless girl molested to the ordinary Korean worker, she is crazy. Nobody knows what she had to endure. The man handled very rudely with her. He try to know who is she? Where from? But unsuccessfully.


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